"Adaptable, open, worry-free"
Cabcast BasicPro is our mid-range offering. Using wireless 3G connection technology, BasicPro will update your advertisements on the move, without the need to take the vehicle through to an internet hotspot, or use a cumbersome USB stick to copy the files from. Your advertisements are fed into the Cabcast unit from a client-server program which you can control from your operations base, or from any internet enabled home PC.
With BasicPro, the onboard software will check your advertiser account at set intervals, and when it finds an update it will download the new information whilst the vehicle is still on the road. The in-vehicle experience is uninterrupted for your passengers, and the delivery of new content is both current and smooth - meaning more up to date advertisements for your clients, and your customers.
Versatility in Freedom
An additional feature of the Cabcast BasicPro system is live news updates. The system features a constantly updating news feed at the bottom of the screen, drawing your customers attention to the screen and increasing exposure for your advertisements.
The news feed will scroll across the bottom of the screen. Keeping your clients up-to-date.
We offer a range of screen sizes to suit any vehicle type. If you have a smaller vehicle, we have screens of 7", 8", and 10" sizes - however for the larger vehicle, we can accommodate screen sizes of 12, and even 15". Cabcast can be tailored to meet your specific needs - call us and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.
Adapted to you
With our system having been installed into buses, taxis, vertical digital signage displays, our team can support you in creating the solution that perfectly suits your requirements. Cabcast BasicPro is the core infrastructure that we use to ensure that the backbone of any system is rugged and adaptable.
We are always open to ideas and new projects, contact us to discuss your plans for BasicPro or any other of our products.
There are no buttons on the Cabcast screen - this keeps the passenger's focus purely on the screen content, without any distractions. We are able to add external buttons, such as volume control, power buttons, or anything else you may require.
Cost Effective
Cabcast BasicPro is priced from GBP 199 per unit on orders of 10 units or more.

This price is based on a 7" headrest unit (alternative model prices available on request)

For sample prices, orders of single units or software demonstration, please contact our sales team on (+44)0845 0068868 or email us using our Contact Us page