Tracking your fleet has never been easier...

GPS Live Tracking

Here at Cabcast we have put together a package with LiveTracking Ltd to provide a GPS tracking service to run alongside our Cabcast advertising system or as a standalone unit. This handy system allows the operator to pinpoint a taxi's current location and provide customers with estimated times of arrival, or as a security measure in case of vehicle theft.

Unit Information

Advanced GPS technology provides a precise vehicle position and transmits critical data minute by minute. By using the latest technologies available we ensure that your fleet is always traceable. The vehicle's location at any given time is pin-pointed on our browser based tracking system, and can store up to 3 months worth of information on site, or is downloadable to your personal computer. Tracked vehicles are then displayed on the map, covering Europe accurate down to 10 metres.

Management Suite

Access the locations of your fleet using our online management system. Each vehicle can be tracked seperately to multiple levels of detail. There is no software installation required on the customer's computer to view the position of the vehicles, and can be accessed remotely from any location in the world using a normal internet browser.


LiveTracking GPS is priced from GBP 70 per unit on orders of 10 units or more.


For sample prices or orders of single units, please contact our sales team on (+44)0845 0068868 or email us using our Contact Us page